We are always looking to strengthen our grant portfolio with new grants and relationships with new researchers.

The grant process starts with a discussion between the principal investigator and the director of the Fund, which can lead to an invitation to submit a letter of intent or a formal application. A grant application is often discussed and modified.

Our internal approval process (review, recommendation, and board approval) may take 3 to 6 months to complete. If approved, funding is always provided in installments with reference to specific milestones.


The LGMD2i Research Fund funds research for charitable purposes with the goal of finding treatments, and eventually a cure, for people affected by LGMD2I. We typically restrict our funding to program expenses and may allow some minimal facility and administrative expenses. We also do not include funds to pay any of the principal investigator’s salary.
When you accept funding from us, you accept the terms of our partnership, which includes the willingness to:

  • Maintain an honest and constructive relationship
  • Set realistic expectations for grant’s timelines, budget, and milestones and respect them
  • Participate in regular phone calls about prospective discussions, updates and expertise sharing
  • Accept that your professional contact information and Grant information be posted on our website
  • Make the results of the funded project available to the public as soon as possible either by peer-reviewed publication or announcement on our website

You will be asked to sign a legally binding agreement before you receive funding.

Templates and Guidelines

  • Letter of Intent Guidelines

    • Header should contain the principal investigator’s name and institution as well as the date.
    • No longer than 2 pages.
    • Summarizes the project’s rationale, background with references, hypothesis/objectives, methods, and budget and timeline estimations.
  • Application

  • Update and Completion Reports

  • All documents should be sent to [email protected]