We fund projects that advance our mission. Our funding interests are diverse and widespread and include the following areas:

  • Disease-modifying and curative technologies in pre-clinical and clinical stage
  • Natural health practices to improve quality of life
  • Genetic regulation of FKRP
  • Protein chemistry and enzymology of FKRP
  • Clinical trial readiness
  • Identification of LGMD2I patients
  • Public awareness of LGMD2I

We are always looking to strengthen our grant portfolio with new grants and relationships with new researchers.

Whether you are a patient, an advocate, a bench scientist, an engineer, or a clinician, send us your ideas of projects that you believe would directly benefit LGMD2I and should deserve our attention. Send us a sentence or a short paragraph (no more than 150 words) describing your grant ideas using the subject line “Grant Ideas”.

Funded Projects