While doing your own literature research of the benefits of supplements for muscular dystrophy, we recommend that you keep in mind 2 concepts: Natural therapies are not always “safe” as some natural remedies may have side effects when taken the wrong way and at the wrong dosage, and some herbs and supplements can interact with medications, including steroids, and create toxicity. It is always better to consult a naturopathic doctor.
While they are many claims of health benefits of Botanicals and Dietary Supplements, there is unfortunately very little evidence supporting the use of supplements for people with muscular dystrophy. There are at least 2 main reasons for that: there are too few studies done in humans, and studies results are too often discordant.
People with muscular dystrophy take supplements because of the following properties: antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, energy-boosting, and calming/relaxing.
Supplements can be herbs, vitamins, minerals and biologics.

Survey on the use of Supplements and Alternative Medicine in the LGMD2I Community

The LGMD2i Research Fund sponsored a survey on the use of supplements and wellbeing in the LGMD2I community, which is led by Bastyr University. The results of this survey will shine light on the use of alternative medicine and dietary supplements in the LGMD2I community.
The results of the survey and a list of supplements used by people living with LGMD2I will be shared on this site when available (est. Q2 2019).

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