The 12th Annual Speak Atlanta Conference
July 10-12, 2020 in Atlanta, GA, USA
Theannual conference is organized by the Speak Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia to give individuals with muscular dystrophy a place to connect with others who understand life with a progressive disease. Ticket cost includes lunch and dinner Saturday. On Sunday, individuals have a fun day in Atlanta to connect in social events. Friday night sessions begin at 7:00 pm on July 10th and our conference check in and registration begins at 6:30 pm Friday. To be included in any Saturday events, all individuals must check in and register at 6:30 pm Friday.
The Dystroglycanopathies: 2020 Patient and Family Conference
July 11 in Coralville, IA (USA)
family conference in iowa This free conference is the perfect venue for people affected with LGMD2I/LGMDR9 to connect with other families affected by the same condition and created long lasting relationships. During the conference, you will learn about the latest research in dystroglycanopathies, which included LGMD2I as the most prevalent, and you will be able to participate in breakout sessions on different aspects of living with LGMD2I.