Instructions for submitting a proposal:

  1. The project must have direct relevance to LGMD2I – either to extend our understanding of the disease or a unique approach to a treatment for the disease.
  2. The project should not have been previously performed elsewhere and sufficient due diligence should have been done to find out if the same project is currently being done in another lab. We will confirm this independently.
  3. Complete the cover page of the grant application.
  4. Follow the format outlined in the grant proposal guidelines.
  5. Include a detailed timeline of experiments that lead to the accomplishment of the project.
  6. Grants are approved for one year.
  7. Include a detailed budget covering personnel, materials, and all other costs for the proposed project, followed by justification for each expense, using this budget of the grant application. Please note that indirect costs cannot be covered (which include PI’s salary, since we considered it as overhead).
  8. The proposal should not be longer than 7 pages (see details in guidelines).
  9. Please view the terms of the Funding Agreement. If your application is approved, we will send you this agreement for signature. A fully executed agreement is required to initiate any funding with us.
  10. Note for continuation grant: Proposals must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the end of the current funding period to avoid lapses in funding. The LGMD2I Research Fund will not be responsible for covering funding gaps.